They're Not Done. A Resident Evil Reboot Is Coming

They’re Not Done. A Resident Evil Reboot Is Coming

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter released earlier this year to lukewarm ratings from critics and fans. Although it was poised to put the franchise to bed, it seems a six-movie Resident Evil Reboot is on the cards again.

It seems the curtains have not drawn on Resident Evil. According to Variety, German production company Constantin Film, who currently owns the rights to the property, are already in the early stages of developing a reboot. It’s not really a big surprise considering that the original video-game-to-movie franchise brought in a whopping $1.2-billion worldwide.

While there isn’t much in terms of details, it is safe to assume Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich won’t return. Although the series is based on the Capcom video game, there hasn’t been many tie-ins with the current games. It would be great to see a closer relationship between the games and the films. Hopefully, Alice’s story is complete and final.

Resident Evil Reboot

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  1. Mathew Wilson

    Yeah I think we all saw this coming. Imagine how different these films would’ve went if Romero ended up making his film. Just read a comment on Rely on Horror that it was pretty bad as well though.
    I was indifferent to Anderson’s films, although I must say I kinda sorta enjoyed the first one. Could barely finish the last. Keen to see the source material taken seriously.

    • Gavin Radloff

      It was always in the pipeline. Even she said a few years back, that when she ends her and her husband’s series of movies, she can’t wait to see how the next reboot will come out.

      And I’m not opposed to it, their take on it was very loosely based on the universe.
      Maybe the next ones will be more in-line with the games. I love the RE franchise, so a reboot isn’t terrible for me haha

      Still think they cast a brilliant Wesker, so that will be difficult to top IMO.

  2. Kyle Zefman

    I enjoyed every one of these films. But why reboot them who will act in them? The last instalment and the first was great.

  3. Christopher Brendon Landry

    Why would u even bother money grab well hopefully the acting is better who’s playing Alice

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