Want To Play As Red Hood In Injustice 2? Here's How.

NetherRealm have already announced that Red Hood would be available as a DLC character in Injustice 2, but now a savvy Youtuber has figured out how to unlock the character early.

Want To Play As Red Hood In Injustice 2? Here's How.

Youtuber byRepulse has figured out how to unlock Red Hood on the Xbox One by following some simple steps. Although this has not been tried on the PlayStation 4, it might just work on the system as well.

Along with the steps for unlocking Red Hood in Injustice 2, byRepulse also uploaded a video showcasing some of the gameplay.

Below is a step by step guide of how byRepulse accomplished this.

“First go to settings. Go down to Network. Click on Go offline. Now hard reset your Xbox One. (Hold power button for 10 seconds) Turn it back on. Go to settings. Go down to System. Click on Time. Now change the date to June 13, 2017. Open Injustice 2. Go to Multiverse and you will see one called No Fear. You will be able to play as Red Hood. You can also do this for past multiverse events and future ones.”

There is no doubt that NetherRealm will patch this exploit out before the DLC officially releases. In the meantime, enjoy causing havoc and kicking Superman’s butt as Red Hood in Injustice 2.


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