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It was a cold Saturday morning on May the 4th but the chill could not keep fans and supporters of Free Comic Book Day away. Stadium on Main in Claremont was packed before nine o clock, with throngs of comic book lovers standing in lines for comics and graphic novels. Eyes were darting up and down, to and fro, trying to scope out all the costumes folks were donning.

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The atmosphere was festive and everyone looked happy to be at one of the most anticipated events on the ‘non mainstream’ or geek social calendar. Unless mistaken, there seemed to be more kids at this year’s event maybe even larger volumes of people too. Even though there might have been fewer costumed participants this year in comparison to last year, there were definitely some cooler ones. Costumes from Hellboy, Goku, Spiderman, Rorschach and, of course, Iron Man got the most attention, offering great photo opportunities for fans.

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Crowds were kept entertained by a series of Cosplay dances and performances, which included an unfortunate belly dance routine to the theme of Assassin’s Creed. Not exactly a sight for sore eyes, the crowd seemed pleased to welcome Readers Den co-owner Nizar Abrahams back to the stage to announce this year’s awesome prizes. A small video room also attracted a small group of viewers, showcasing the latest comic book related film trailers and animated features.

free comic book day readers den

Local comic book writers and artists took to the stage to show off their latest works, proving that South Africa does indeed have the talent and insight to create our very own unique brand of comics. At the forefront was Moray Rhoda’s Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology, a fantasy and sci-fi themed collaboration of South African writers and artists, which has now seen its third and fourth volume release.

With Readers Den’s Free Comic Book Day 2013 out of the way, comic fanatics can look forward to another year of celebration in 2014.

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    Why was the Assassin’s Creed dance “unfortunate”? (I didn’t see it myself). Also, what did you think of the rest of the performances on show?

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