Razer's 'Character Select'-The Handless Gamer

Razer’s “Character Select”: The Handless Gamer

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Razer inaugurated “Character Select,” a mini-documentary series that showcases people whose love of gaming managed to transcend geographical borders and cultural barriers and influence global culture. The first installment of the show features a remarkably talented and charismatic League of Legends player born without arms and with only one leg and foot.

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Razer wanted to take a unique look at the motivations that steer and fuel some of the most unique figures in gaming, from mega-stars to underdogs. This is a look into the hearts and minds of extraordinary people and their real and virtual communities. The series looks into the changes that games make in people, and to how people use games to change the world. It also underscores how products are specifically engineered for gamers of all abilities and styles—even those missing limbs.


The first video campaign started this week, 23rd March 2015.


With his “no excuses” philosophy, Massimiliano Sechi (“MacsHG”) transcended his human form into the realm of gaming legend – reaching Diamond Rank in League of Legends while playing with his foot. That’s just one of Macs’s countless achievements. Behind the kill streaks and cocky smile is a man who wants to inspire the world, and a devoted island community who is helping him make that dream a reality.


Filmed in Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

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