Ray Fisher Cast as Cyborg in Batman vs. Superman

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With each passing month a new character seems to be added to the Man of Steel sequel, Superman vs. Batman. While not a major part, Warner Bros. has cast stage actor Ray Fisher as the Marv Wolfman and George Pérez created character, Cyborg, in Batman vs. Superman. Cyborg/Victor Stone is a member of the Justice League and is expected to expand his small role in the film to a larger one in a future Justice League film.

Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, is a superhero who is half man and half machine. His body was destroyed in a tragic accident, but he was saved through experimental technology; his body parts have been replaced with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, while constantly providing life support. Stone struggles with his humanity as a machine, although his advancements have made him an unstoppable powerhouse.

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