Rainbow Six Siege Will Not Have a Story Campaign.

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With more single player games deciding to release without a multiplayer component, it seems that the trend of focusing on the core aspects of a game has now taken hold in multiplayer focused games as well.

It was announced over the weekend at EGX 2015 by the games Art director Scott Mitchell, that Rainbow Six Siege would not feature a story driven campaign.

“There is no story mode per se,” said Mitchell. “You go through training, where you get to experience different operators and their devices. You can play against enemy AI in co-op through all the maps. You can customise matches, so that’s what we’re offering on the single-player side of things”

“It’s a pretty good training ground, and on top or that you’re unlocking the same content as you would playing in PvP. You’re still gaining Stars, Renown Points, and new operatives”.


This isn’t a big surprise as more and more multiplayer focused games such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Titanfall and Evolve have decided to focus all their time and resourced on the multiplayer aspects of the game, rather than adding a sub par story driven campaign.
Hopefully by focusing all their resources and attention on multiplayer, Rainbow Six Siege will turn out to be yet another great addition to the Rainbow Six franchise.

For those who can’t wait for some multiplayer action, check out the Rainbow Six Siege E3 Gameplay demo:

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