Wednesday, the 23rd of March 2016, Xbox South Africa gave us the opportunity to not only see Quantum Break in action, but also get some hands-on time with the game at Steamworks in Fourways.


As soon as we arrived at the venue we were greeted by Brian and Natassia who form part of the Xbox South Africa PR team. After the warm welcome we received at the door, we were escorted by “SWAT” team members into the venue. Not only did this make you feel bad-ass, but it perfectly fit in with the themes of the game. Speaking of theme, the whole venue was a constant reminder that players would be messing with time in Quantum Break, from the huge Steampunk inspired clock looming from behind the bar to the aptly named cocktails – The Particle Diffuser and The Chronoshift.

After getting settled in with an ice cold beer, we were escorted to where we would be able to not only see the game in action but also get to play some of it.


For those who have been living in a cave or out in the wilderness for the past few years, and have no idea what Quantum Break is, here is a bit of background.

The game is a Xbox and PC exclusive third-person action-adventure shooter. Players take on the role of Jack Joyce, who receives the power to manipulate time after a time travel experiment goes wrong. Not only has the failed experiment affected Jack, but it has also caused time to start breaking down. It’s up to Jack to try and discover what went wrong and how to fix it.
As with most games and movies, there is always some sort of evil organization chasing down the hero, and Quantum Break is no exception. Throughout the game Jack will be pursued by a corporation called Monarch Solutions, who serves as the guys that Jack will be shooting at and who will be shooting at him.

Two things struck me about the game. Firstly, it is a really beautiful looking game, and the environments are full of detail. The time manipulating effects look better than I expected. Secondly, the game’s combat is really fast-paced, which is great as it forces you to use your time manipulating powers if you want to have any chance of survival.


The evening ended with a draw where one lucky person would win a Xbox Elite Controller. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t me. Even with my bad luck in full swing, the evening turned out to be a great success. Not only was the food and atmosphere perfect but from what I’ve seen and experienced of Quantum Break I have become even more excited for its release.

Thanks to the Xbox South Africa team for a fun and enjoyable preview event.

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