Puma Takes it to the Streets - South Africa X Middle East

Having kicked off their Run the Streets campaign, Puma has kept the pace throughout. They have launched numerous updates, drops and marketing campaigns featuring artists, musicians and many more as they continue to explore the various aspects of street culture across the world.

With the vast and endless unique vibes and underground scenes across the globe, Puma has tapped into the relatively unknown cultures that build our society, most of which have been unseen by mainstream culture and media. The idea behind this latest campaign was built around culture exchange and building a story between various artistic mediums, including fashion, dance, music, film, street art and photography.

Puma Takes it to the Streets - South Africa X Middle East

Puma has brought together influencers from these fields, both in South Africa and the Middle East, documenting the kind of creative magic that sparks when bringing groups of like-minded individuals together. The influencers that were chosen embody the values of the campaign and were championed by The Weeknd.

The focus on the shoot, as seen in the video below, was to showcase these two groups from both regions, focusing on key product highlights that include the Tsugi Shinsei, Tsugi Nido (which is set to drop on 15th August 2017) and the Tsugi Blaze evoKnit (also set to drop on the 15th). The video is the first of many to drop. It is shot in Cape Town, where the local team hosted the guests from the Middle East.

Puma Takes it to the Streets - South Africa X Middle East

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