With VR being all the rage at the moment, it was no surprise that Sony spent a significant time on it at the PlayStation Experience 2015 Confrence. Not only were we shown upcoming games, we were also treated to a live demo of the PlayStation VR (to varying degrees of success). Like it or not it seems VR is here to stay.

Fellow Psychonauts, get your VR headsets ready.

It seems that Double Fine is not only working on a sequel to Psychonauts, as a Psychonauts VR game was announced at PSX 2015. There isn’t a lot of information available except for the fact that they are working on the game.

REZ Infinite is coming to VR

Sony announced with a live stage demo that REZ Infinite would be coming to PlayStation VR.

Fly like an eagle in Eagle Flight.

Ubisoft announced that they too would be getting on the VR band wagon with their new game Eagle Flight. The game allows players to become an eagle and fly over the ruins of Paris (50 years after humans abandoned it). The game will have both a single player and multiplayer component.

Zombies get your Taxi’s ready.

Zombies have taken over the world in Santa Monica Studios’ new VR game, The Modern Zombie taxi co. As a zombie taxi driver it is up to you to get your fellow zombies to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Golem VR revealed.

Highwire games which includes former Bungie devs Marty O’Donnell and Jaime Griesemer has announced their project for PlayStation VR called Golem.

100FT robots playing golf?

100FT Robot Golf was announced for PlayStation VR, and as the name implies players get to play a destructive game of golf as a 100FT Robot.

Ready to get a job?

Job simulator was announced for PlayStation VR. Why I would want to play something that simulates what I do every day is beyond me.

Explore a strange planet.

Eclipse a first person exploration game was announced at PSX 2015. The game has players exploring a sentient planet with a dark past. Can you escape the planet in time?

Let the racing begin.

Refract is a VR racing game where staying on the track isn’t required. Instead of doing laps around a course, players will be trying to survive until they complete the race.

Welcome to the under water classroom.

Classroom Aquatic brings players to an underwater school for dolphins, as players take on the role of an exchange student. You definitely aren’t prepared for your tests, so will you be able to cheat without being caught in order to pass?

Below is a video showcasing the games for the PlayStation VR:

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