There are rumours that the PS4 NEO is being introduced because of issues that the current PS4 has with the PlayStation VR.


An anonymous source has told Edge Magazine that PlayStation VR’s performance was going be terrible on the original launch PlayStation 4.

“It was going to be truly awful. Something a bit more powerful starts to bring VR into range. If you want to deal with crazy requirements for performance in VR, you absolutely have to [introduce new hardware].”

However, the quote does say “was” which could indicate that this was before the introduction of a VR external processing unit, which specifically helps to increase the performance of the PlayStation when using PlaySation VR. Whether this is  true, or might have been true is still to be determined, as more information should be revealed regarding the PlaySation VR as its launch draws closer.

Sony has not revealed the precise specifications for the new PlaySation 4 Neo, but rumors indicate that these could include better CPU and GPU, as well as 4K output.

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