PS4 Doesn’t Support CDs, MP3s or DLNA (Update)

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One of the more popular features on the PS3 was its ability to double up as an entertainment hub, able to support local media such as music, video, Blu-ray movies, and other media server capabilities. If you already made up your mind on getting your hands on the new PS4 to replace your PS3, you may want to take some time to reconsider. It has been revealed that Sony’s next-gen console takes one huge step back in that there are no immediate plans to support media server capabilities (such as streaming using DLNA), or play CDs and MP3s. What Sony has done instead is try to push its own services by requiring customers to pay a subscription to the Sony Music Unlimited service where you’ll have to, again, pay for music you may already (legally) own (having purchased from iTunes, Play Store, Amazon, Microsoft, or the million other official download sites) in order to playback your collection on the PS4.

This has left somewhat of a sour taste amongst the general community and fans of the new console. The good news is that if you’re simply looking to a gaming rig, and to watch movies via the Blu-ray player, then you’re all good to go. Unsurprisingly, with all the hate mail, Twitter rants, and Facebook tirades, it drew a response, via Twitter, from PlayStation CEO, Shuehei Yoshida, stating: “Thanks for the feedback to the lack of MP3 and DLNA support at the launch of PS4. I’ll share with the PS4 Dev team for future consideration.” The message, though, is vague and whether or not the team will actually release a patch to rectify the situation when released remains to be seen. With the launch only a few days away now, we expect not.


After all the criticism and dismay received over the past two days, Sony has done a full 180 on not supporting CDs, MP3s and media streaming. The PlayStation team has confirmed that a patch will be available to reintroduce said features, but only in the 2nd firmware update. The team had previously announced that users would have to update their software on the first day after purchasing their PS4 consoles to add additional functionality, also originally not planned. The 2nd update is expected to drop in the first few weeks of January 2014, which gives you more than enough time to power through as many next-gen games as you can. The list of features included, thus far, in the 2nd update:

  • Legacy headset support
  • Mp3 support for not only in-game but non gaming as well.
  • Suspend and resume play feature
  • DLNA support for media such as (streaming Mp3, Videos etc.)

Sony has, for now, managed to appease the crowd by acceding to their demands.

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  1. LinuxMage

    In a way this is not surprising since “Ultrabooks” do not have CD/DVD drives yet have Solid State Hard Drives and in some instances no Ethernet port. Point being; the newer more advanced hardware is not as useful or practical as the old(er) and consequently have not sold well or been in high demand at least in the case of Ultrabooks. Since I am not much a gamer/PS fan/user it a moot point where I am concerned.

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