PlayStation 3 Faces The Final Curtain As Shipments Finally End In Japan

It’s a sad day for PlayStation fans. The end of an era has finally arrived. The PlayStation 3 is taking its final bow.

While the PlayStation 3 had a rocky start (ok, a very rocky start), due to an initial high cost and a difficult development environment, both developers and gamers did eventually warm up to it. I personally loved my PlayStation 3, even with its unwieldy shape and really bad DualShock 3 (at least compared to the Xbox 360 controller). There was just something that drew me to the big hunk of shiny plastic.

According to Gematsu Sony has announced that the production of 500 GB PlayStation 3 model, the only remaining model in production, has finally come to an end. Although this is no surprise, due to Sony announcing back in March that shipments would end soon, I still can’t help but feel some sadness as the PlayStation 3’s time comes to an end.

PS3 Faces The Final Curtain As Shipments Finally End In Japan

With great and memorable games such as The Last of Us, God of War III, Uncharted 3 and Infamous but to name a few, the PS3 deserves its place alongside the other great Sony consoles.

Even though there might be some things Sony could have done to make the launch of the console run a lot smoother, one thing is for certain: The PlayStation 3 was something special.

Farewell, old friend, you will be missed.

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