prince luke cage

It seems you can’t turn your head without someone asking you if you’ve seen Luke Cage. Music was a big part of the show’s success and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker knows that. In fact, he was hoping to have legendary artist Prince on the show.

One of the running jokes on Netflix and Marvel’s Luke Cage was Pop’s Swear Jar. According to Coker, this was a reference to Prince, who was known for keeping a swear jar at his home in Paisley Park. It was also a subtle way to lure the superstar onto the show. Coker apparently intended to show Prince some shots of Luke Cage’s own swear jar, in the hopes that he’d pull a New Girl and stop by the show. Sadly, those plans were not to be. Prince passed away in his home on April 21, 2016 before Coker was able to schedule a talk.

Luke Cage is currently streaming on Netflix.

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