New Prey Trailer Shows Off Your Mimic Ability

Bethesda has released a new Prey trailer that shows off the protagonist Morgan Yu’s ability to mimic objects.

The new Prey trailer shows Morgan Yu taking on the form of various objects for defensive and offensive purposes. Thanks to his ‘Mimic Matter’ ability, Morgan can take on the form of just about any appropriately sized object he finds aboard the Talos. Of course, Morgan will be limited to mimicking¬†small objects like a coffee mug at first, but as the character levels up the ability, it becomes stronger which will allow Morgan to mimic even more complex and larger objects.

New Prey Trailer Shows Off Your Mimic Ability

In Prey, the player controls Morgan Yu while exploring the moon-orbiting space station Talos I, where research into a hostile alien collective called the Typhon is performed. As the Typhon escape confinement, the player uses a variety of weapons and abilities derived from the Typhon to avoid being killed by the aliens while looking to escape the station.

Developer Arkane Studios seems to be giving the game the same love and attention they gave the Dishonored franchise. Prey is shaping up to be an interesting¬†game. It’s like a combination of Deus Ex and BioShock.

Prey is set to release in May 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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