Prepare To Take Over The World As Evil Genius 2 Is Announced

Aspiring super villains rejoice as Rebellion has announced that a follow-up to the cult classic Evil Genius is in development.

Prepare To Take Over The World As Evil Genius 2 Is Announced

If you missed the original game, Evil Genius was a dungeon master-style game which saw you as the head of an Evil organization set on taking over the world (cue evil laugh). As the titular evil genius, players had to build various facilities to help them attain their world conquering goal as well as keeping pesky goody two shoes agents who want to stop them out of their base. Your end goal was to build a doomsday device to help you take over the world.

In a blog post, Rebellion clarifies that Evil Genius 2 will not be a remaster but a fully fledged sequel. While the team is currently placing all their focus on a PC version they will look at releasing the game on other platforms as well.

Originally developed by Elixir Studious way back in 2004, Rebellion obtained the IP after Elixir Studios closed their doors in 2005. Below is a trailer for the original game to get you excited for the sequel.

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