Preparation for The Dark Knight Rises at IMAX

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We’ve seen loads of trailers, spoilers, posters and more on the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises, but not so much what goes on behind the screening of such a major release. Liberty Science Center IMAX Theatre in the US is prepping itself for the over 2 hours of action. With director, Christopher Nolan, insisting on filming in a non-digital format, this would be the longest IMAX footage of its kind ever screened.

For those fortunate enough to be viewing this on an IMAX screen, I’m sure you will have no room to complain about the ticket price after seeing this clip.

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  1. Movie Fan Zack

    Looks incredible. I understand why Nolan insists on filming on regular film stock as far as overall film quality goes, but digital is getting better and better by the day and it won’t be long before there is no question that digital is the superior format, and it’s cheaper to shoot on. Very excited about the film, regardless of what it’s shot on. Thanks for the clip!

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