Must Have Toys from 1983

As kids we always wanted the latest and coolest toys to be delivered to our trees at Christmas. As many a parent would know, it’s not only the cost of such gifts that make things tricky, but also the popularity of that item over the festive season. Leaving your shopping to the last minute may not be the best idea, and if the film, Jingle All the Way, is anything to go buy, getting your version of “Turbo Man” may cause a lot more stress than it needs to.

Ebates has put together a list of the most popular, must-have toys for each year dating back to 1983 with the Cabbage Patch Kids. The list was originally put together to entice buyers to make their purchases during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales, avoiding the queues and rush of Christmas, but still has important relevance leading up to this year’s holiday season.

The Most Popular Toys Through the Decades
The Most Popular Toys Through the Decades Created By: Ebates

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