Pokemon Go Niantic

Niantic has finally added gen 2 Pokemon to their hugely popular mobile game Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go Niantic
Pokemon GO developer Niantic hasn’t revealed who these gen 2 Pokemon are. The only ones that have been specifically named are Togepi and Pichu. It seems that only a select number of Pokemon from Gold and Silver are available, but who exactly these are is not very clear. From what has been revealed players will only be able to get their hands on these gen 2 Pokemon by hatching them from eggs, as they will not be able to catch them in the wild.

Niantic has also added a very cute Pikachu wearing a Santa hat, so you’d better get out there and catch yourself one of these cute guys.

Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about this as I am happy that there is a new update, but it feels like a bit of a pay-to-win model locking gen 2 Pokemon behind the egg wall.

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