It’s that time of the month again where PlayStation plus members get to find out what free games will become available for them in the coming month.

PS Nov

The PlayStation Plus free games for the month of November 2015 are:

The Walking Dead Season 2 (PS4)
This critically-acclaimed series from Telltale games based on The Walking Dead graphic novel universe continues the story of Clementine. The dead has risen and the world has gone to hell, can Clementine survive?

Magicka 2 (PS4)
This hilariously funny co-op game places you and up to four friends in the shoes of wizards, armed with a dynamic spellcasting system can you and your friends save the world from evil?

Dragon Fin Soup (PS4/ PS3/ PS Vita)

This rogue-like inspired RPG takes place on Asura, a world situated on  the back of a giant dragon-turtle. Players take on the role of Red Robin a mercenary. The game is inspired by fairy tales but with a dark twist.

Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
Commander Shepard needs to assemble the galaxy’s deadliest team in order to defeat a strange threat, as human colonists have been disappearing all over the galaxy.

Beyond Good & Evil (PS3)
This award winning game follows a young investigative journalist Jade as she tries too uncover and expose a terrible government conspiracy.

InviZimals (PS Vita)
Tiny, mysterious creatures exist everywhere, but nobody can see them. Can you help Keni Nakamura capture these creatures in order to complete his research. Player have to catch and battle these creatures in order to learn more about them.

These games will be available on the 3rd of November 2015, so be sure to grab the free games for October 2015 before they are removed.

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