It seems that we are all paying a lot more for things lately. Sadly, this is especially true when it comes to consoles and games. Unfortunately, South African gamers will have to dig even deeper into their increasingly emptier wallets as Sony has announced a PlayStation Plus subscription increase starting from August 2017.

PlayStation Plus Memebers To Cough Up More Cash As Sony Announces A Price Hike

Sony announced that effective from 00:01 BST on 31 August 2017 the price for a PlayStation Plus subscription will increase as follows:

– Annually, the price will change from R 749.00 to R 899.00 per annum.
– Quarterly, the price will change from R 219.00 to R 349.00 per quarter.
– Monthly, the price will change from R 99.00 to R 109.00 per month.

Having a PlayStation Plus subscription gives players access to, among other benefits, PS Plus only discounts, multiplayer content and free games each month. While many consider that the subscription fee value for money, there are those that feel that the service has been sorely lacking lately, especially when it comes to the selection of free games on offer each month. Those that want to mitigate the increase should renew their subscriptions before the increase date, while there still is time.

What do you think? Is a PlayStation Plus subscription still worth your hard earned cash? Can you afford the price hike?

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  1. No. To compete w Xbox they should let PS4 users game online for free. That would bring over so many new gamers. We bought the system, bought the games, let us play online for free.

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