PlayStation NEO

It was revealed by the president and global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House that the PlayStation NEO does indeed exist.

PlayStation NEO
House also revealed, in an interview with The Financial Times, that the PlayStation NEO would not be at this year’s E3. The reason for this, according to House, is that Sony would want to ensure that they have a full range of the best experiences available on the system before they showcase it in its entirety.  As expected all games would support both the PS4 and the PS4 NEO, and both will also support PS VR. It seems that this might confirm, as the rumors suggested, that the PS4 NEO was being developed mainly for the PS VR, indicating that they would be launching around the same time. This could also mean that we might be seeing a PS4 NEO bundled with PS VR when it finally launches. Rumors haver also been circulating regarding the PS VR’s “Processing Unit” that gives the PS4 the extra processing power it needs for a smooth VR experience. These rumors suggest that due to the upgraded system specifications of the PS4 NEO it would not require this unit. This could mean that PS VR units for PS4 NEO might be cheaper than the units that include the “Processing Unit”.

House did not confirm when the PS4 NEO would launch and exactly what it would cost. Although it was confirmed that the PS4 NEO would cost more than the standard PS4 and that both consoles will be sold throughout this generation’s life cycle.

The PS4 NEO just as with the PS4 will be profitable at launch, instead of trying to make profit exclusively through software.

So it seems there are still a lot of unanswered questions, and hopefully, Sony will address these sooner than later. At least we now know that the rumors have been true and that the PS4 NEO exists.

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