PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death Error

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No console is completely error free on launch day. But has reported nearly 600 one-star reviews from customers who are now struggling to start up the console. A pulsing blue light in the centre, nicknamed the Blue Light of Death (named after Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death), has reportedly heralded the doom of hundreds of bricked PS4s, upsetting those who paid the hefty $399 price tag. Hundreds of users on social media have also reported that the PS4 wont connect or turn on.

Here are some of the symptoms associated with blinking blue lights issue:
– blue indicator light blinking
– no video/audio output to television
– console powering off after blinking blue

Sony has issued a troubleshooting guide for the error, suggesting possible causes like TV compatibility, issues with the power supply, or hard drive issues. Suggested fixes include checking that the console’s hard drive is properly secured, booting the system to Safe Mode (pressing and holding the power button after powering the console down) and checking for software updates. If that doesn’t work, Sony recommends using its Live Chat to speak with a representative. However, the tech giant says these “isolated incidents […] represent a very small percentage of total units shipped to consumers to date”.

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