PS4 Slim

It seems that Sony might be revealing more than just the expected PlayStation 4 NEO at it’s September event, as an alleged PlayStation 4 Slim was put up for sale on an online auction site.

PlayStation 4 Slim
After requests from Polygon, the seller provided them with images of the alleged PlayStation 4 slim’s box and the unboxed console. The unit definitely follows the same sort of design as the current PlayStation 4, except for the noticeably rounded corners which differ from the current unit’s more angular look.

The images that were sent to Polygon also indicates that the unit has a 500 GB hard drive, but it would seem that the optical port has been removed.

Sony has announced a media event on the 7th of September, and many expect the more powerful PlayStation 4 NEO to be revealed during this. Could Sony possibly be following in Microsoft’s footsteps by announcing their new more powerful console along with a slimmer version of the current one?  Unfortunately, it seems we will only find out the truth on the 7th of September at the Sony event.

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