Bad Piggies (Update)

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As I mentioned last week, it seems Rovio are keeping up the recent tradition of adding a new trailer/clip each week to showcase updates to their Angry Birds franchise. Rovio has released a teaser trailer the next instalment of Angry Birds. There are almost no hints dropped, besides the “Something Pig is Coming” quote, and the teaser itself. Rumours are suggesting that the pigs will finally have their turn to fight back.

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It’s official, Rovio will release Bad Piggies on the 27th September on iOS, Android and OS X, while Windows and Windows Phone 8 will launch shortly after. The game will feature the, previously mistreated, green pigs seeking revenge. The angry birds characters are said to not feature in the game at all, bringing a totally new style of gameplay over the slingshot-friendly Angry Birds.

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