PewDiePie Apologises For Using Racist Slur

“I’m An Idiot!” PewDiePie Apologises For Using Racist Slur

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YouTube star PewDiePie, who is no stranger to controversy, has apologised for using a racist slur during a live stream gaming video.

PewDiePie Apologises For Using Racist Slur

Felix Kjellberg, or as most will know the YouTube Star PewDiePie, has apologised after blurting out the N-word during a heated live stream of PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds. In the video, titled “My Response”, Kjellberg apologises to fans who were offended by his comment:

“I’m not going to make any excuses as to why it happened because there are no excuses for it.”

Kjellberg also acknowledged that he was disappointed in himself for not having learned his lesson from past events, referring to the controversy surrounding anti-semitic content.

His apology comes after developer Campo Santo filed a DMCA notice on one of his video’s featuring the developer’s game Firewatch. Following suit, Year Walk developer Simogo also asked Kjellberg to take down video’s featuring their game as they would not like their content to be associated with him.

Kjellberg has vowed to improve himself for the sake of those that look up to him. While many might see his apology as too little too late, he should be commended for stepping forward and once again admitting he made a mistake.

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  1. Johann Kemp

    Well at least give him some credit for saying sorry man .. he had his years of youtubing but i mean this guy is still a big name in youtube industry .. what he did was super wrong but he made up for apologizing

  2. Marnus Hawie Havenga

    Doesn’t matter what he says or does.. Atleast he is man enough to admit he was wrong and apologized.. And he is still the biggest Youtuber ever.. Haters gonna hate

    • Alex Gouws

      Lmao this. He said it to get all the feminazis to chill out. I bet most black people who watch his channel didn’t even give a shit.

    • Suhayl Schroeder

      Lol black people trying to take down a word that oppressed them for hundreds of years and only ended in 1969 and someone ANGRILY shouting “What a f***ing n****r!” are two different things.

    • Owen Venter

      Only 1969? That is almost 50 years ago. The world moves on and words should not have that great of an effect if your a grown up. Also as I said, blame hip hop culture for still using it

    • Suhayl Schroeder

      Did I say he was a racist? It’s not an okay word to use. In Sweden just 15 years ago a chocolate brand changed its name because it had the N word in it. I don’t think he’s a racist but retards that think I’ll just say certain words are find I laugh. I’ll tell you what, because words are words and people need to move on and all, go to a black majority area and call people K words, then try and explain how they need to get over it. Better yet, go to a gay club and call them faggots. I’m sure it will go well

    • Owen Venter

      Why would I shout the K word in a black majority area? Unless I want trouble that is. My point was that you can’t stay a victim forever, yes the past was terrible but we are living in the present

  3. Evan Saunders

    The fact that he has those two words/phrases in his vocabulary and has blurted it out on two separate occasions is enough evidence to suggest that it’s part of some dialogue he has had in the past. You can’t screw up so royally twice in quick succession and expect people to believe the “I’m not racist” stance. He may not be outright racist in terms of attacking any group, but using derogatory words such as those, which are insulting to those groups, is racist.

  4. Carlo Hendricks

    This is stupid and useless. The N word, along with female derogatory terms B and H are so freely used and commonplace in Western society and media, so the last two generations use those words, not realising the negative/immoral/hateful context and origins of these words. That is not an excuse by any means, but that means if we are going to be consistent, those words should be completely removed from human language and thought. Like Morgan Freeman said, “Stop calling me a black man, and I’ll stop calling you a white man. That’s the start to ending rascism…”. Our media and artists also need to be held acountable.

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