Photoshop Through Voice Commands Is A Real Thing

In a new video, titled ‘What If You Had An Intelligent Assistant for Photo Editing?’, Adobe showcased their new Photoshop voice command system that allows users to edit an image by simply speaking.

The use of voice-based personal assistants to interact with technology is growing and Adobe won’t be left behind. In a new 30-second long video the company explores how this might work.

Our Adobe Research team is exploring what an intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like. To envision this, we combined the emerging science of voice interaction with a deep understanding of both creative workflows and the creative aspirations of our customers. Our speech recognition system is able to directly accept natural user voice instructions for image editing either locally through on-device computing or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service. This is a first step towards a robust multimodal voice-based interface which allows our creative customers to search and edit images in an easy and engaging way using Adobe mobile applications.

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