Phonebloks: A Modular Phone Concept

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Although we all have our preference of smartphones that are currently on the market today. And while we all customise some aspects of our smartphones, the wallpaper, ringtones, widgets, apps, and the likes, there is only so much customisation at hand. Recently, Moto X announced its build customisation via an online tool before confirming your order. But this, too, lacked the sort of modifications for a truly unique smartphone. Enter Phonebloks.

Electronic devices of today tend not to have the lasting capabilities of old, mainly due to smaller parts with more features and functionality they require to yield. Every so often, our electronic devices become faulty, or simply pass their sell-by date, and are either replaced entirely, or, for the more tech-savvy, parts are replaced (to a limit). The phonebloks concept is such that you are able to design and build your own smartphone based on your own set of requirements by simply plugging in the parts, much like Lego. The project not only seeks to provide a level of customisation we’ve never seen before in a smartphone, but also mitigate the electronic waste that has sky-rocketed in the past few years.

The phone will be assembled by you, the end-user, by fitting the parts of your choosing to the base board, and completing the DIY with two simple screws to keep it all locked in place. While the design may be a little rough at this stage, improved designs are to be expected with future iterations of the concept. The concept video has already gone viral, reaching 1m views on YouTube in just one day. “The Phone Worth Keeping” may be a radical project with many foreseeable challenges to overcome, but it still needs your voice. So why not pop over to the official website to add your support before the 29th October 2013.

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