The Philips Multigroom Series 3000 promises to give you a great shaving experience. One that is friendly on the skin and easy to work with as it makes the toil of shaving bearable, thanks to it being efficient in every regard.

I have very sensitive skin, so I’ve turned to electronic razors a few years ago due to the fact that a regular blade causes my skin to feel irritated. This often results in a rash, and that causes further skin damage with each close shave. Having turned to trimmers and electronic options a while ago, one would have thought these issues would have stopped and I have flawless skin, but, unfortunately, this was far from the truth. The first electronic shaver I was given was not a Philips, and it failed on account of its poor battery life. You would have to charge it for half a day and, in return, you get a shaving time of about ten minutes. And if your beard was long – because it was not a trimmer – it would struggle to shave through lengthy stubble and this would cause the battery life to deplete quickly. Safe to say the constant charging became a bit of a task. So I turned back to regular shaving, damaging my skin once more.


The second electronic shaver I owned was more of a trimmer. Much like this Philips Series 3000 Multigroom. I grew tired of the rashes caused by the use of a regular blade and opted to rather trim my beard. But this product failed on two accounts. Firstly the maintenance was a problem. It had to be cleaned with a certain oil and it could not come into contact with water when cleaning. You are most likely going to use your shaver in a bathroom, one filled with taps that could pose a threat to any electronic device that isn’t waterproof. In this day and age all electronics should have a level of water resistance. The Philips, on the other hand, offers you the ability to rinse the trimmer and the attachments for a hassle free clean. So I can run the trimming head under the tap and it hasn’t been damaged in the slightest. Secondly, my other trimmer did not work the same wonders on my sensitive skin. The Philips is skin friendly and this is thanks to the high-performance blades, which allow for a gentle trim.

This Multigroomer has a full-sized trimmer, which you can use to stylise and trim your beard and sideburns. It also comes with a beard and stubble comb, which boasts adjustable lengths, from one millimetre to eighteen millimetres in length. This is great as it helps even out your beard. My beard has patches with sections that grow faster than others, so the adjustable head is great when it comes to evening the lengths of the hair in you beard.


It also comes with a nose trimmer, which removes unwanted nose and ear hair. Fortunately, I do not have hair in my ears, nor crazy hair in my nostrils so I havne’t had to use this attachment as yet. Hopefully I will never have to use it.

This video shows you just how quick and efficient the Philips Multigroomer is. Being a father of two very active kids, the time I have to shave is rather limited. So the Philips shaver allows me to do a great trim in record time. And I can shave without worrying that I might hit a sensitive patch of skin. The trimmer is just that friendly on the skin. Also, after one charge it can last up to 60 minutes. From this single charge I have been able to shave five times thus far. This video shows me trimming my beard to a 1mm length…with ease. From here I can take a regular blade and shave it all off or style my stubble, but I’ve decided to go with a bit of a shadow.

This product is a great, and definitely the best I’ve used thus far. It allows you the opportunity to make shaving enjoyable, and it no longer feels like a time consuming task thanks to the enhanced battery life and the high performance blades. The model I used was the QG3320/15 and it boasts a 2-year guarantee. For more information visit today.

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