Persona 5

Atlus has finally announced the release date for Persona 5 and also revealed a collector’s edition for the game.

Collectors edition
Persona 5 is set to be released in February 2017 in Nort America and if you pre-order the game you will receive a limited steelbook launch edition at no extra cost.

Atlus also revealed the PlayStation 4 exclusive “Take Your Heart” collector’s edition which will include a steelbook case, a 4″ Morgana plushie toy, a hardcover art book, a full-size Shujin Academy replica school bag, a soundtrack all packed neatly into a collectible box.

The game will follow the protagonist, who is attending Shujin Academy, as they encounter individuals each with their own unique and distinctive personalities. The protagonist and their friends become involved in an incident which awakens their Personas. The game will feature a new metropolitan setting with an all new cast of characters.

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