Ex-BioShock Dev's New Horror Game Perception Is Coming To Playstation 4

Developer The Deep End, which consists of ex-BioShock developers, have announced that their Kickstarter-funded horror game Perception is heading to the PlayStation4.

Perception Bioshock ex-BioShock

The ex-BioShock dev’s horror game called Perception sees the player taking on the role of a blind woman called Cassie Thornton. As Cassie players have to navigate through a mansion in Massachusetts that is being occupied by a mysterious supernatural force known as the presence. Being blind Cassie’s only way of navigating her surroundings is through the use of her walking stick. Every tap of her walking stick creates a radar-like visualization that illuminates her surroundings. It’s an interesting mechanic that fits in perfectly with the horror genre.

Perception want’s to capture a cat-and-mouse feeling with their game since Cassie doesn’t have the use of any weapons.

No official release date has been announced for the PlayStation 4 yet.

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