PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition Launched

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PayDay 2 Crimewave Edition, the next generation console version, has launched in South Africa. While the official, public release is still a few days away, gaming media were treated to an early hands-on of the PS4 and Xbox One console versions. The event took place at Apex Interactive’s offices in Northlands, Johannesburg, which was hit by a bout of load shedding at the time. Thankfully, the team were well prepared, having setup a generator to keep the gaming ongoing, while we remained mostly in the dark.

PayDay 2 was originally launched in late 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The Crimewave Edition will feature all the DLCs and content updates from the PC version, in addition to the upgraded game, in terms of its improved graphics capabilities (frame rate and texture improvements, with support for 1080p resolution). Amongst other inclusions and updates, the game will also incorporate a new incentive system, a fifth skill tree for stealth-focused gamers, along with a pre-planning phase for improved collaboration.

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