Could The Next 'Overwatch' Hero Be An 11-Year Old Girl

After announcing that Doomfist might not be the next hero that would be heading to Overwatch, many were left wondering who might be the next to join the roster. Now, it seems that a post on the official blog might be teasing who the game’s next Overwatch hero might be.

Could The Next Overwatch Hero Be An 11-Year Old Girl Named Efi?

The post on the official Overwatch blog introduces us to 11-year-old Efi Olandele, an inventor, and Numbanian child prodigy. The post is set up as a fictional interview with the young girl as she discusses her love for robots and artificial intelligence. Her knowledge of robotics could mean that, should she be the next Overwatch hero, she might have the ability to disrupt other technology-based heroes or even summon her own robots.

There is one slight problem with Efi being added to the roster and that is the fact that most people probably won’t take kindly to an 11-year-old partaking in battle and being shot at. The interview does mention that she is currently working on a secret and that she would love to build her own OR15 to keep them safe. This could mean that Efi might be constructing a robot which she could control remotely in battle which would solve the issue.

As always, I can’t wait for Blizzard to reveal more. Here’s hoping we get some more news soon.

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