Ouya Ad Sparks Outrage

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Over the past week, many fans and investors (and just the general public) have been up in arms over Ouay’s new ad. While the aim was to emphasise it’s free-to-play model and cost effective steps towards console gaming, the ad did nothing more than disgust and anger. Media has criticised the ad as being naïve, and highlighting the lack of maturity of the young company and its board, who may not have had much to do with the advert at all. There is not only a dig at console gaming, but also that of gaming developers as well.

If you think it might just be a case of sour grapes against a small company like Ouya looking to break the mould of the giant gaming houses, take a look at the 30 second ad below.

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2 Comments on "Ouya Ad Sparks Outrage"

  1. Hatorian

    Well. It’s a bit disgusting but I wouldn’t be “up in arms” about it. Considering children in Syria are being attacked by chemicals I think there’s worse things to be concerned about.

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