2 comments on “Samsung 46” Series 6 Smart 3D LED TV Review

  1. Anesh

    I had a look at this TV today at the local Makro and was very impressed with it. However I am not happy with it only having two HDMI & 1 Usb ports. Is it possible to increase these ports and how, also the improvement of the remote…how can I sort these out as I want to purchase this unit this week.


  2. For both the USB port, you will have to purchase a separte USB Multiple Port Adapter.
    This effectively increases the amounts of USB devices you can connect.

    For HDMI, it won’t be as simple. The easiest option is to get a HDMI to RCA converter to make use of those video inputs, which loses the HD aspect to some extent.

    For the remote, I’m not sure what you find to be the issue. If you simply don’t like it, you can always purchase a universal remote, but avoid cheap remotes. Logitech’s universal remote range are very useful.

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