Vitalic – Rave Age

vitalic review


01 Rave Kids Go
02 Stamina
03 Fade Away
04 Vigipirate
05 Under Your Sun
06 No More Sleep
07 Nexus

08 The March of Skabah
09 Lucky Star
10 La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor
11 Next I’m Ready
12 The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

For all the scorn poured upon it by those in the more “classical” areas of music; rave music might well be one of the hardest to describe in terms of what makes one track good or not. It’s ultimately music that you want to celebrate to, to party to and let loose. This album, the third by French artist Vitalic takes some interesting new steps from one of the genres more underrated artists.

vitalic review

The primary direction of this album seems to definitely be in a more pop/house direction; with tracks having more structure and lyrical presence reminiscent of the average pop song. This style was more popular in the early ‘00s, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to bring it back somewhat.


One thing must be made clear: the album is definitely listenable from start to finish, no track is “bad” and fun can be had with them all. The problem comes in when you consider that this is a Vitalic album. The man was known for experimenting in a way that defined his own style, but here he seems to be playing it a bit too safe, choosing to retread old ground rather than push forward in any way.

So while this could have been a decent debut album, it feels a bit lacking from an already established artist like this one.

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