Trey Songz – Chapter V

trey songs chapter v

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1. “Chapter V” (Intro)
2. “Dive In”
3. “Panty Wetter”
4. “Heart Attack”
5. "Playin' Hard"
6. “2 Reasons” feat. T.I.
7. "Hail Mary" feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy
8. “Don’t Be Scared”
9. “Pretty Girl’s Life”
10. “Bad Decisions”
11. “Forever Yours”
12. “Inside Enterlude"
13. “Fumble”
14. “Without a Woman”
15. “Interlude 4 U” (Interlude)
16. “Simply Amazing”
17. "Never Again"
18. “Check Me Out” feat. Meek Mill & Diddy

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Step aside Usher and Chris Brown, Trey Songz is making headway and he is planting his flag with ‘Chapter V’.


Trey is straddling the line between R&B and electro/dance but while Usher and Brown have spiced up and modernized the R&B genre, Trey looks to R. Kelly and turns back the clock to deliver plenty of sweaty, lascivious slow jams. His body aches to please on the imaginatively titled, ‘Panty Wetter’ but not before he channels as much sexual mojo as possible on ‘Dive In’. Lamentation and sorrow are found on ‘Heart Attack’, a mid tempo, electro jam where love is compared to a heart attack. ‘2 Reasons’ features T.I. and is the party starter on the record. Trey declares boldly, that he is at the party for two important elements, ‘the b**ches and the drinks’, things the universe and humanity are dependent on.


The Ne-Yo sounding, ‘Pretty Girls Lie’ offers enlightenment to naive players out there who might be fooled by pretty girls. ‘Without a Woman’ digs deep into Neo Soul territory, via D’Angelo and Kelly, it might be the saving grace on the album, offering a smidgen of song writing aptitude and imagination. ‘Simply Amazing’ delivers a bit of fresh air by concocting a mix of r&b, rock and pop. The same can be said of ‘Never Again’ which has more of a dance quality but has the same superior musical delivery as ‘Simply Amazing’. If only the record had more of these types of songs then Trey would be in business. For most of its one-hundred and eleven minutes, ‘Chapter V’ offers nothing of substance or value. It is a synthetic throwaway that will be consumed and forgotten faster than you can say, ‘panty wetter’.

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