Skye – Back to Now

Skye – Back to Now


1. Troubled Heart
2. Sign of Life
3. Featherlight
4. Nowhere
5. Little Bit Lost
6. We Fall Down
7. Every Little Lie
8. High Life
9. Dissolve
10. Bright Light

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Skye’s new album is one that immediately makes me picture the kind of place that would be playing it while I listen. A club, but not an intensely busy one, one where there’s soft bean bag chairs lying everywhere. Maybe it’s one of those ones that even have an oxygen bar. The lighting would mostly be achieved by large lava lamps, and it might have some post-modern artworks on the wall. Its name would be some sort of Asian symbol that can be translated as “hope” or “peace” or something. And all the while, this album could be playing in the background.

Skye-Edwards album review

I am told by those educated in such ways that Skye is the Queen of Trip-Hop, a style incorporating elements of hip-hop and electronic. But all of it designed around being decidedly mellow and relaxed, something to really just put on and have going away while you have some time to yourself and your own thoughts. That’s not to say Skye isn’t talented, far from it, her music is catchy and well-designed, with some interesting lyrics as well. It just feels like an album you sink into entirely, rather than spend all your time looking forward to the next specific single from it or such.

This is an album to appeal to a very specific market, sadly though this means that Skye may not achieve the superstar status of many other performers, at least this album shows she is creating some quality work, and if what is described appeals to you and your tastes, definitely check her out.

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