The Script – #3


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1. ‘Good Ol’ Days’
2. ‘Six Degrees of Separation’
3. ‘Hall of Fame (ft.’
4. ‘If You Could See Me Now’
5. ‘Glowing’
6. ‘Give the Love Around’
7. ‘Broken Arrow’
8. ‘Kaleidoscope’
9. ‘No Words’
10. ‘Millionaires’

(Deluxe Edition)
11. ‘Moon Boots’
12. ‘Hurricanes’
13. ‘Hall of Fame’ (Original Version)
14. ‘Breakeven’ (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
15. ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
16. ‘Talk You Down’ (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
17. ‘For The First Time’ (Live At The Aviva Stadium, Dublin)
18. ‘The Making Of ‘#3′ (Video)

Verdict: 2 / 5

What makes the Irish so unusually musically competent? It seems like at least 3 out of 5 Irishmen are capable of playing guitar, bass, drums, piano and singing. And coupled with their cute little accents they really aren’t giving the rest of us much of a shot here. Anyway, I digress. The Script has released here their new album, and I’ll give you one guess at how many albums they’ve had before this.

Script album review

For those of you who are not die-hard fans of this band, The Script are the ones who released that charming little number, The Man Who Won’t be Moved a few years back that caught a lot of the airwaves. Since then, they’ve achieved worldwide fame while at the same time keeping a relatively lower profile, and maintaining a group of loyal fans, in a way that is quite admirable in such a high spectacle industry.

the script 3 album review

When it comes to #3 however, there’s sadly less to say. It’s not a bad album, far from it; it’s just that it really does feel like Basic The Script Album Number 3. The band continues along some very similar lines, the lead single, featuring Will.I.Am. is very catchy, the lyrics are playful sometimes, deep the other, and the music is good. This album is good for fans who want more of the same, because that’s really what it is. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe; it just makes it harder to say some things about it. Check it out, it’ll entertain you for quite a while.

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