Ross Jack – Notes From the Wild Review


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Intro (Trance)
TV's In the Swimming Pool
Killers (Skit)
Blame It On Me
Push (feat. Adam Howard)
Bossanova (feat. ChianoSky)
Hearts On Fire
Family Men (feat. Zeus Bantsi)
Piece of Mind (feat. P. Postman)
Home Safe (feat. Kat Vinter)

Verdict: 3 / 5

If there’s one thing that continues to make me feel proud to be a South African; it’s the people coming out of our music industry. But despite the multitude of rock flavoured groups that we all used to see on MK, all the time (RIP MK), we have also got a lot of talent in other genres as well, in ways that might not always be expected. Enter Ross Jack, someone already causing a lot of stirring in the waters with his talented collaborations and rap-electro fusion style.

I’m sure you know Ross Jack, even if you think you don’t. Look up “TV’s in the Swimming Pool.” It’s okay, I’ll wait…..Okay, now I’m sure you’re going “Ohhhhhh that guy!” Well the truth is, “that guy” is born and bred Benoni, but after some trips overseas and some guidance from Pete “Boxsta” Martin, known for his work with Jessie J notably, Ross has taken a lot of European and UK hip hop stylings and brought them into his work, with very pleasing results. The first time I heard him, I thought he was English, but each track made me question my decision more and more as Ross is a rather multi-faceted type with a different experience on many tracks, while still seeming to still be continuous with himself. If that sounds rather long winded, you can take comfort in that his songs are also fun.

Ross brings in a lot of featuring talent on his album, including Riot, ChianoSky, and newcomer from Australia Kat Vinter. The great potential of rap is to include and introduce other artists, and Ross works well with the ones he was brought in for this exercise.

I think for a debut album “Notes from the Wild” shows a ton of promise, and while every track on it isn’t the most memorable thing of all time; the ones that are show he has a bright future ahead of him, in my opinion.

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