Olly Murs – Right Time Right Place

Olly Murs

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'Army Of Two’
‘Troublemaker’ Feat. Flo Rida
‘Loud & Clear’
‘Dear Darlin”
‘Right Place Right Time’
‘Hand On Heart’
‘Hey You Beautiful’
‘Head To Toe’
‘What A Buzz’
‘Cry Your Heart Out’
‘One Of These Days’

Verdict: 2 / 5

They say third time’s the charm but on Oly Murs’ third album ‘Right Time Right Place’ such idioms don’t hold true. The album opens with ‘Army of Two’. Murs sings directly to his fans, with the lyrics envisioning them as an army and Olly their general who declares… ‘Just follow my lead, repeat after me, faith is the bullet, hope is the gun and love is all we need’…huh? The music is triumphant, excessively anthemic and overblown. In interviews, Murs stated that one of his intentions for the album was to have songs that are anthems and this one takes the cake. ‘Army of Two’ has marching drum fills, brass snippets and that cheese-fest of a chorus.

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Olly also mentioned in interviews that he wanted to move in a funkier Maroon 5 direction; this he does by ripping them off on ‘Troublemaker’. To secure the song’s position in the charts hit magnet Flo Rider makes an uninspired cameo. While on ‘loud and clear’ the piracy continues as it sounds alarmingly close to Coldplay, close enough to sound like a cheap version of ‘Paradise’. It starts off small but soon it morphs into another anthem, complimentary ‘oh oh’ sing-a-long segment included.

‘Dear Darling’ and ‘Right Time Right Place’ feature sombre piano and vocal intros but are quickly enveloped in dance beats and big, yeah you guessed it, anthem like choruses. ‘Right Time Right Place’ pickpockets from Coldplay just like the other number. Olly should thank his lucky stars Coldplay are too nice to sue. Murs wears Maroon 5’s underwear once more on the drab ‘Hey You Beautiful’. It does have one of Olly’s best lines… ‘Oh oh oh oh, sex is in your eyes’, beat that Adam Levine.

You can hear how a tween could enjoy this generic pulp. It’s fun and exciting but when listened to more closely you will hear it is synthetic and fake to the core. Whatever musical maturity Murs was clamouring for is absent. However, Olly understands his fans and they love him, so let the good times roll.

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