The Best of Nickelback: Volume 1 Review


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How You Remind Me
Burn It To The Ground
Savin’ Me
Figured You Out
Too Bad
If Today Was Your Last Day
Far Away
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
Never Again
If Everyone Cared
Gotta Be Somebody
When We Stand Together
This Afternoon
Something In Your Mouth

Verdict: 3 / 5

Does the world really need more than one collection of Nickelbacks greatest hits? Not to be needlessly cruel, but this album features 19 of their greatest tracks, across all of their major albums, so what exactly is left? Or is the title ironic, as a statement about “much more to come” or something? I’m not quite sure.

As a greatest hits album, we all know roughly what to expect; and it was released at a good time, as they have just visited our nation on tour, and interest might indeed be raised to a new level. The song choices are also well decided in my opinion, and their arrangement on the album is well done, with an idea behind actual construction of mood and feeling involved, which shows more effort than just a slap-dash money grab exercise.

The biggest criticism against Nickelback has always been that their songs sometimes sound far too similar, and while that isn’t entirely inaccurate, it usually doesn’t feel so noticeable when they’re all spread out over different albums. But when they’re all put within an hour or less listening space, it does become somewhat more of a problem, and some of the nuance and hints of feeling on separate albums have been lost, to be replaced with generic radio hits slamming into you one after the other.

However, if you want to listen to Nickelback, this is a good way to do it, and they are a good pop-rock band, even if they aren’t especially artistically innovative or explorative. They’re just kinda fun to put on sometimes, which is okay.

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