Morcheeba – Head Up High Review

morcheeba head up high

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"Gimme Your Love" – 4:49
"Face Of Danger" – 3:56
"Call It Love" – 3:59
"Under The Ice" – 3:40
"I'll Fall Apart" – 2:06
"Make Believer" - 3:41
"Release Me Now" – 4:09
"To Be" – 4:39
"Hypnotized" – 4:03
"To The Grave" – 5:13
"Do You Good" – 3:33
"Finally Found You" - 4:23
"Whirlwind" - 3:31 (iTunes exclusive track)

Verdict: 4 / 5

Head Up High is a sexy album. I usually despise of using that term as an adjective outside of its usual context, but from the moment the first vocals of lead singer Skye Edwards hit you, there really wasn’t a better word for what it is. Morcheeba as a band present a very seductive product to us; in the sense that the listener is drawn into their world before they even fully know what’s happening, they are enraptured in the mood and beats and find they can’t leave before it’s done, nor would they want to.

However, I would certainly not want to present such a talented band in such a one dimensional way. This is their 7th album, and they are veterans of their craft, producing some of the finest mood music around, with those moods being incredibly varied even on this one album. A fine contrast, often on the same song, between female vocals and male keep the tracks fresh and dynamic throughout. There are love songs, break up songs, songs I don’t even know what they are about, all on this album. However, these are shown in less blatant ways than other artists might do so, and a subtle blend of music and lyrics is created to instill the feeling intended into the audience without actually needing to be so overt about many things. Morcheeba is very classy and understated.

I guarantee that even if you wouldn’t listen to the entire album in one go each time, you would have a couple of songs relevant to any feeling you were having, and that those songs would affect you in some meaningful way. Any band that can produce music of that quality is memorable, and worth a listen at least once.

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