Michael Lowman – Crayon Boxes Review


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Home Again
Your Lovin' Ain't Right
Gypsy Hearted Thief
Crayon Boxes
Girl Saves Boy
In My Own Words
Mama Bear
City Life/Street Lights
The Great Escape
The Dark Knight
Brand New Blues

Verdict: 4 / 5

I had an experience with Michael Lowman. I put on his album and thought “Oh, this guy is nice, good voice and sounds talented.” And so it went on until track 5; Girl Saves Boy, when suddenly I was like “Oh-Em-Gee! It’s this guy; finally I know who does this song!” If you’ve ever listened to the radio at all in the last few months, you know Track 5 as well as I do. I hope you enjoy a similar experience to me, because finally it all slipped into place.

What had confused me initially is that every track on this album sounds like a different style of the same genre. One will be more folky and acoustic, and then the next will be more Pop and upbeat. What we are left with is a very dynamic spread across what we are given, and a good view of the man as a whole. He avoids feeling disjointed through this technique, which may have occurred; but if I had to explain my feeling about him, it would be as such. I think when Michael does a live show, he spends a couple minutes telling the audience a story about how he wrote this song, where it came from, what it meant to him, and then he starts to play. The album almost feels like it has a space for him to do that, and if he ever releases a concept album, this is what he should definitely do. He seems like a guy that wants to share, to experience things together with his audience. As a result, he holds nothing back; metaphors are beautiful and lyrical; but not obtuse. He doesn’t lie or obfuscate, he has had an experience of life, and here is a song about how he feels. It is a refreshing honesty.

I quite like Michael. His album is charming and enjoyable to listen to, and sounds like he has a lot of musical talent. He’s part of a movement in music at the moment, and I hope he finds his own time in the sun.

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