Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams review

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01 – Ends Of The Earth
02 – Time To Run
03 – Lonesome Dreams
04 – The Ghost On The Shore
05 – She Lit A Fire
06 – I WIll Be Back One Day
07 – The Man Who Lives Forever
08 – Lullaby
09 – Brother (Last Ride)
10 – In The Wind

Verdict: 4 / 5

Everyone gather round. For those of us desperately searching for a band that no one knows about purely for extra hipster credits; we have been delivered a blessing this day. We no longer need to choose an unknown band that is unknown because they suck; we have been given a precious gem by Lord Huron. This is a band with an incredibly weird name that managed to produce what may well be one of my favorite albums of the year.

lord huron album review

Lonesome Dreams is the debut studio album of the group from America who play a kind of music that desperately eludes me in classifying it. The lead singer uses the reverb setting in the same way Bon Iver does, but they sound definitively like a Western cowboy band at the same time. At other times the effect seems more like that of a tropical island setting. The lyrics are good, mostly focusing on love, loss and family, so while they aren’t original in theme they are well constructed and well-arranged in their tracks.

Lord Huron seem to be doing their own thing entirely, and that’s really great; I can’t immediately think of anyone they’re derivative of; and they also manage to avoid the pit of “weird for the sake of weird” that effects many new bands these days. They play good tunes that get your feet pumping without you even thinking of it; and when you put on the album for one track you soon find yourself just leaving it on to play the rest.

lord huron lonesome dreams review

Upon listening for the first time in the background, I also thought the band may be in danger of their songs being too similar to each other; but upon repeated listens each one has a distinct character and tone about it; and just about every track would be a decent single.

If you see this in the store or online; pick it up and support good new music.

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