One comment on “Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

  1. Elisma

    I discovered Lana’s song ‘Blue Jeans’ in December and it has since then been my favourite song and music video of the year. Subsequently I hunted down as much of her other material as I could but nothing was quite as epic as that song. I do however feel that it was a great success considering (I can name several great artists who only had 2-3 great tracks per record and though one always hopes for a CD that you can listen to on repeat to infinity and beyond there are few which can bear that kind of scrutiny, the mere fact that you WANT to listen to it on repeat suggests that the artist has done something wonderful) and I simply can’t wait to see what great songs she will be writing in future. Judge her as they might this woman has soul and voice. I for one love the persona she created for herself and lift my hat to her commitment to the part.

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