Hope Vista EP Review



Stating The Facts
Down In Wonderland
Take The Hit
Hearts of Darkness
Take The Hit
Finger Without The Ring

Verdict: 3 / 5

If there is a worst thing the Internet ever did for music, it was making it so easy to steal it without recriminations. If there is a best thing the Internet ever did for music, it was giving the world the opportunity to make it for themselves, to avoid jumping through hoops and be creative in their own space, and let the general public decide by popular acclaim what was good and what wasn’t. So, although there are still plenty of bubblegum pop, manufactured pop stars out there, there are now also plenty that are doing it for themselves, and making their own careers through purely their own efforts. And that is a much better thing, for music and for them, in my opinion.

Hope Vista is one such artist, who has performed at several notable concerts and partaken in several noteworthy competitions, and who has just released a collection of EP tracks for free on SoundCloud, where you are free to listen to them, just by searching for her name. Hope has a clear, earnest, honest voice, and seems desperately keen to share what her songs are about with us, to help us understand why this song is the way it is, and again, honesty is a very fine quality to have as an artist.

My favorite tracks of hers are the more acoustic or toned down ones, which reflect perhaps the only real problem with her music at the moment; which is that I believe that her songs and her track creation could benefit a lot from more professional editing and sound mixing opportunities. It’s a combination of small, little things that let down some of the songs, and so, when the acoustic ones are heard, it’s more just her and the music, and you can enjoy more of your voice, which is a very gentle, kind sounding one.

I’m sure Hope will go far, based on how hard she seems to be working already to make it, and I look forward to listening to any formal release she has. For now, feel free as the general public to check her music out and say what you think.

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