The Graeme Watkins Project – Soldier On Review

Graeme Watkins Project - Soldier on

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1 Soldier On
2 Fly Away
3 Overcome
4 Lock You Up
5 Fight When We’re Young
6 Walls Around Me
7 Heart Of Glass
8 Stand Here By Myself
9 Love Is A Fire
10 Dance The Night Away
11 Giving Up On Me

Verdict: 3 / 5

It’s interesting how, when it comes to a contest like Idols, when it comes to the passage of time, those contestants who came second, third and so on might eventually do as well, if not better than the declared “winners” of those talent shows. When it comes to Graeme Watkins, the third place contestant in the 2009 series, it seems as though he has been the only real winner of that year, as he follows up his spectacular debut album with a polished second entry in his career.

Graeme Watkins Project - Soldier on

Upon listening to this CD for the first time, I undoubtedly knew it was the same band as before, as the GWP seems to have a very unique musical style that would take someone much smarter than I am in music to describe, but which makes it very easy to identify any track of theirs’. Something about their tracks makes them very catchy, in that “wake up in the middle of night humming the chorus” sort of way. According to the band, they’ve recently returned from touring in the USA, and have picked up some professional editing tips from people over there, which I could believe, as they seem to have learned how to trim some of the fat from their tracks when it comes to including them on the final album. This means that the songs on this album are overall of a much higher quality than those of their previous one, but it also means that there are not as many stand-out tracks, as they all sound a little more homogenous. For instance, I didn’t skip any tracks, but I can’t say I enjoyed any of them as much as I did “Music Affair” from the prior outing.

Nevertheless, this is still a very fun and listenable album that can be put on in the background while driving for some very good ambiance. Especially interesting of note was, amongst all their original tracks, a deep, dark and melancholy cover of 80’s Blondie hit, Heart of Glass, which I thought was an especially good example of how to approach a cover. At the end of the day I enjoyed this album very much and I’m still listening to it for a while more, but I don’t know if I would include it on any of my “best of all time” lists in my mind.

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