Goodnight Wembley – Bang Review



1. Into My Stride
2. Bad Reputation
3. The Kids
4. Time Machine
5. Light the Sky
6. She Was a Liar
7. See You In Hell
8. Rid Us of Resistance
9. Do Me No Good
10. The Chase

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Goodnight Wembley is comprised of members from Dead Lucky, Taxi Violence and 7th Son. Together they have recorded their debut album, ‘Bang’. Classic rock, grunge and alternative rock are the styles in which the music is grounded and so far the band has had some success in the charts. Their first single ‘Time Machine’ was playlisted on 5FM and was popular on all major campus radio stations.

‘Into my Stride’ is an enjoyable opening song. The riffs are strong and the vocal melody is good but the limitations of the album are evident once you listen to the second song, ‘Bad Reputation’. The song is grungy almost Nirvana like. The problem is that the lyrics are too basic and repetitive. ‘The Kids’ also suffers lyrically; musically things seem to be hitting a wall as well. The song sounds too similar to all the rest. ‘Time Machine’ has a pleasant southern rock vibe, bluesy guitar licks and a catchy chorus but lackluster lyrics as well.

‘Bang’ is a no frills album but if the music varied just a little bit and the lyrics had slightly more to them then this would have been a stronger debut.

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