FIDLAR review

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01 Cheap Beer
02 Stoked & Broke
03 White on White
04 No Waves
05 Whore
06 Max Can't Surf
07 Black Out Stout
08 Wake Bake Skate
09 Gimme Something
10 Five to Nine
11 LDA
12 Paycheck
13 Wait for the Man
14 Cocaine

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Is there a genre called Frat Punk already? If there isn’t I want to copyright it; but aside from that it seems to be the perfect term with which to describe FIDLAR. A band that’s acronym stands for “F*** It Dog, Life’s a Risk,” which tells you all you need to know about them pretty much off the bat. Being the Punk equivalent to the much mocked YOLO saying is not a good start.

fidlar music review

In fairness, FIDLAR are not a bad band, and they bring a frenetic level of energy that makes them sound like they’d be great to listen to live. The problem is how desperately juvenile they sound. With songs titled “Cheap Beer; Whore; Wake Bake Skate; Cocaine” they make me think of those guys on Facebook who are 28 or something and still talking about how wasted they got last night and how much they hurled and all the stuff they broke with a large amount of glee.

fidlar album review

There’s nothing wrong with having fun; but listening to man-child music is not exactly my preference; especially when the Punk genre has had so many examples of powerful, mature themes to show that FIDLAR really could be doing much better.

At the end of the day, a very shallow album that doesn’t contribute much to music in any way.

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