Faryl Purkiss – Home Review

faryl purkiss review Home


01. When We Were Young
02. Own Way Home**
03. Ways To Live Forever
04. A Spade A Spade
05. Till She Was No More
06. In Apostrophes
07. Counting Back From 31
08. Yesterdays Demise
09. Absolution In The Ground
10. Fall At Your Feet
11. Beggar On The Street
12. Yuliya

Hidden Track: Don’t Walk Alone

Verdict: 3 / 5

Casual fans of chilled out folk and rock albums will find a soothing collection of songs on Home the latest album from Mr Purkiss, the South African born singer-songwriter. Following on from his EP in 2005 and two successful full albums in 2007 and 2009, his latest album is full of gentle meditations on life, longings and feelings of… home.

Made up of 12 incredible tracks, “Home” is unquestionably Farryl’s best release to date. With singles such as “Own Way Home“, “A Spade A Spade“, “Counting Back from 31” and “When We Were Young“, Farryl reaches a new level of maturity in his song writing. Telling stories from the heart. Singing songs that make you think. About Life. About Home.

faryl purkiss

Purkiss spends most of his time on tour around the world and this album is obviously his musical reaction to the life he now leads and the thoughts of a thirty-something man far away from his loved ones. On the standout track ‘When You Were Young’ Purkiss’ lyrics of ‘Live for what you said you would when you were young’ are the essence of the album – a singer who is looking back more than he is looking forward. Not that his music itself is looking, or moving backwards. There is a certain progression in his music, from something that was slightly more pop and indie-rock to what is now a very subdued folk sound.

home farryl album review

This is not an album I would recommend to everyone. It is not filled with catchy tunes or things to sing along to. However, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a long drive by yourself as you ponder the seasons gone by and seasons ahead.

Take a listen to his latest album here: http://www.farrylpurkiss.co.za/music/

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